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What We’ve Been Doing

Really, this post explains who has been keeping us busy doing stuff, well stuff other than writing the blog or other trivial work matters (cough, cough). Meet Cooper!!!

This is the sweetest, biggest puppy you will ever meet.

That’s Cooper.  He’s probably a Golden Retriever. He also might be a brontosaurus. He’s massive. His head is the size of a soccer ball. If he wore shoes, they’d be a size you can only special order from the Big Foot store.  He “only” weighs 80 pounds although he looks and moves like he weighs twice that.  See how he compares to Lilly, a medium-sized 40 pound Bolden (Beagle+Golden)…

Notice that Lilly’s expression says everything you need to know about how she feels about this situation with her new “friend”.

Cooper came to us in the last week of December. He is a rescue and we are fostering with the option to adopt. Honestly, we are struggling with that decision right now. Cooper is a fabulous dog and so sweet, but he is The Biggest Puppy – he’s a year old – and plays rough. When we adopted Lilly we knew that we had to protect her from anything that could injure her already-wonky joints, like playing hard with big dogs (sigh). She has to come first in any decision we make.

That first week we had him, I was sure he was not going to stay long based on how Lilly was doing.  Then, well, then things changed again.

On New Year’s Eve, Cooper got the Big Snip and spent a glorious 2 weeks in captivity while wearing the cone of shame. We kept him on some quiet-time drugs. It would’ve gone better if we’d taken the drugs ourselves. Good lord, have you ever tried to keep a healthy, active big puppy in an x-pen for 2 weeks?!?!! It was hell. We are all traumatized. Cooper spent most of the two weeks running his cone up and down the bars of the x-pen like a prisoner with a tin cup. Don’t tell me he didn’t know what affect that would have on his jailers. He knew. As I said, it would’ve been easier on everyone if we’d taken the drugs.

We all looked forward to releasing Cooper from his captivity. I don’t know who was more excited to watch him run around the backyard, him or me!  He’s been a free-range Cooper for all of two days and life as we all know it has gotten much better. Last night, we all slept through the night! The whole night!!! And life is more exciting with a free-range Cooper because we found that he eats wood. We found that out because he puked up a big bunch of it on the living room rug yesterday. We’re keeping a closer eye on Cooper’s outdoor activities now.

Oh, how I LOVE puppies!!!

Really, I do. Because when it’s good, there is nothing as sweet as having dogs in your house, your life and your heart.

Stay tuned. Our decision on whether to adopt Cooper or not has to be made soon – for his sake and ours.  No matter what happens, Cooper has been loved and will be loved. We will make sure of that.

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