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by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Welcome Home, Cooper!

We made it official. We are a two-dog family as of Saturday. The paperwork is filed and everything. No take-backsies!

Cooper can sleep anywhere and will use all things to his napping advantage

How did we celebrate? With a nap, of course, because being the world’s biggest puppy requires a lot of recharging of the batteries.  Cooper has two modes: asleep and in motion!!! If I didn’t know any better I would think he’s trying to get in his 10,000 steps a day.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, may I suggest rescue?  I know they don’t often get puppies and everyone wants a puppy… but who wants to deal with the hassle of housetraining?? An older dog – slightly older, remember Cooper is still a baby – comes housetrained, maybe knows a few tricks, is past that chewing/teething phase. The other great thing about adopting a rescue dog is you know exactly who you are getting. Want a couch potato? Easy. Want a buddy who will play ball for hours? There are plenty of those, too!  Puppyhood lasts for about 3 minutes on a Thursday afternoon and then you live with your dog for the rest of his/her life… so why not cut to the good part and just get the dog of your dreams? Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if there was a loving forever home for every dog? Okay, the #adoptdontshop PSA is done for now.

On a completely different topic, Wednesday is the first day of February (what?!?) and we should have the new stuff for the month up. You blueberry pie lovers out there will be pleased by our Flavor of the Month! Look for the announcement soon.

Our Sweet Potato Chicken Crisps are all-natural, made with only sweet potatoes and thigh meat chicken.  They are baked and then dehydrated using hot air (never any chemicals!!) – so they are as healthy and unprocessed as possible.  Because they have only two ingredients, they are a great treat for dogs with food intolerances such as grain allergies and those with sensitive stomachs.



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