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Two Cheetah Cubs Born at Oregon Wildlife Park

Adorably tuff cheetah cub

The Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon proudly announced the birth of two cheetah cubs this last week.

The new mother whose name is Liz gave birth to the cubs early last Monday morning. The keepers weren’t sure that Liz was pregnant until she stopped eating, a sign that she was ready to go into labor.  The cubs are in quarantine until 72 hours after their birth, no one – not even employees – have seen the newborns in person.  The keepers are observing mom and cubs through a camera in the birthing den.  “We want to give her complete privacy and quietness so there’s no reason for her to feel scared or abandon or be harmful towards the cubs,” said Sarah Roy, Wildlife Safari Carnivore Supervisor.

The Wildlife Safari is “the number one breeding facility in North America,” according to Roy.  The park has had remarkable success with their breeding program – these two cubs make it 163 cheetahs born to the zoo.

The zoo has a poll up on its Facebook page to get popular opinion on what to name the cubs.  Currently, friends of the Wildlife Safari like the names Nor, Nahallee, Chimba and Azeeza. If you want to vote on the cubs’ names, you can add the Wildlife Safari on Facebook and take part in the poll.

The cubs will not be on display to the public until December.

The video below shows grainy images of the cubs (forgive the ad that pops up – I have no control over that other than to tell you to click on the “x” to close it)


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