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Tigertail Pet Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company.
We use only human-grade ingredients that come from trusted sources.
Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated
by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

We love hearing from our happy customers! Please drop us a note and include a picture of your Tigertail Pet.

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Customers share their kudos

kajo and nukka“Kajo & Nukka say thank you for your yummy treats. They are so picky they only want your treats.”


My Blue Healer Dottie is like a new dog after feeding her the emu oil and using it on her skin. I read Bree’s story and decided to give it a try. Dottie had a similar problem but not as bad as Bree. This spring started out with her scratching and biting something fierce and I tried several remedies. She was miserable. I know this may sound totally crazy but within 48 hours I could see a difference and her coat was super shiny too.dottie After a week there is no more scratching and biting and her coat has a luster to it. Unbelievable!! To any skeptics out there it WORKS and if your dog suffers from this type of problem they will love you for it!!!!
Thank you for this product!


Tiny&TrooperWe adopted Tiny when he was 9 years old and chronically ill. Part of my adoption agreement was to feed him a raw diet. I already had 4 dogs at home who were eating high quality kibble and I thought for ease, I would just put them all on the raw diet.

As I continued to research Tiny’s health problems, I had an allergy test done on him. It came back that he is allergic to poultry and carrots – two of the ingredients in the food. I emailed Tigertail Foods and asked if a special diet could be made. Tiny’s Special Diet was created. He has been on it for about a year now. He is very healthy. He acts much younger than his 10 years and in a recent Xray, I was told that his organs are extremely healthy for his age. He jumps very high (miniature poodle all the way) and is able to keep up on our dog walks much better now.

I am happy to say that the entire Mosher Dog Family is thriving and doing well on the Tigertail Foods raw diet. The picture is Tiny (front) with his pal and adopted brother, Trooper, at the dog park.

jackWe were starting down the “allergy trail” when Jack was less than 6 months old. I had already spent 5 or 6 years treating severe inhalant and seasonal allergies with traditional medications on Jack’s Grandpa Raider, I knew I wanted a better solution for Jack. Raider passed at 13, almost 2 years earlier than my previous two Ridgebacks who were around until 15+ and not plagued with allergies.

After consulting with 3 different veterinarians I put Jack on the same treatment plan of antihistamines Raider had been on. I no longer had an active playful puppy but a drowsy, under active dog with vet bills piling up. He was also not as excited at mealtimes (while still on his super premium kibble) as my other Ridgebacks had always been. After doing my own research and consulting with trusted sources, the idea of a raw dog food diet started to feel right to me.

Jack has been on the raw Tigertail Foods Original Formula since last July [2010] and it has changed his attitude as well as his physical health! Jack’s first introduction to raw was humorous because he didn’t know what it was. He sniffed it, licked it, stuck his tongue in it & after the first three or four cautious bites, finished the bowl. Next meal, he followed the bowl from the kitchen to his eating spot. The third meal, he danced his way into the kitchen, danced his way back to his eating spot and has had the same enthusiasm about each meal since then. He is now 20 months old [April 2011] & has not skipped a meal.


First of all, I would like to day, in the switch to raw food with my cats, they absolutely LOVE your food the most!  They see the container come out of the fridge and smell it when I open it and can hardly wait for it to slowly warm up…

Jennifer Pinnick

3 pugs“The pugs can’t get enough of Tigertail Treats! We’ve taken to calling them ‘puppy crack’, as they will do whatever they need to to get one…. especially the peanut butter and the cinnamon apple… the normally naughty pugs become incredibly obedient the minute I head to the treat jar!”

Kris S & Bandit, Hadji & Stella

dreamer and savanah“My girls love their Tiger Tail Treats and Ann has a place here near our home that sells them. So I hop on over there when ever I need them”

Golden Hugs,

Diana (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Savannah 8 yrs. CGC Therapy Dog (Always My Puppy) (AKA The Princess)

Dreamer 3 years (AKA Yellow Girl)(Dreamer Beamer)

bertie and louieDear Ann,

Brian left us alone so we snuck into the computer room caUSE wE WANT to tell you how much we lov your cookys!

Louie plans to steel Daddy’s credit card later and order more.

Love, Charlie and Louie

rex and gigi“Get on the monthly automatic shipment list! Every month they ship out your order so you never run out. Don’t know what Rex and Gigi would do without it!”

Denise, Gigi and Rex


cala birdCala loves the Tweets bird treats and thinks the Sweet Potato Crisp is pretty good too! Every time she gets a Tweet she starts making her happy noises 🙂


little bitsWe switched Rusty and Little Bits to the Tigertail raw diet when they were 12 years old. Rusty grew fringe like he’d never had in his life, and Little Bit’s coat got soft as silk. They absolutely loved the Liver Bark too! Now we have Frodo, and he is doing just as well on the raw diet.Rusty8-05 He can’t wait for breakfast in the morning and his chicken neck at night!






stitchWe were at the end of the row in the corner so we had a perfect view of the constant pose of Miss Stitch at the TigerTail table. Little girl needs a “Born to Shop for Tiger Tail Treats” T-Shirt.

Gail L.

beauLynne and Peter Lamb’s dog, Beau (a goldenstock dog)

“We loved this dog almost as much as he loved our treats”

Ann, Alexis, and Steve

TigerTail Treats are pretty darn special in this house; the Team LOVES them! I’d love to subscribe to the Once-A-Month Club, too.

Katie Dyer

nigel smudge asianThe team: Nigel, Smudge, and Aslan



YofiPookey and Yofi were 8 and 9 years old when they came to us on a prescription diet for Urinary Health. No reason was given for why they were on this diet, so we switched them over to the Tigertail Foods Original Formula Raw Cat Food right away. pookeyThey are now 17 and 18 years old [November 2011] and have had no major health problems and are very healthy and active for their ages! As for their urinary health it is as good or better than it has ever been 🙂 cleoA few years ago we added Cleo to the pride and she has also been on the raw diet since the day she came through our doors and is one of the healthiest cats we know. Not only are they as healthy as can be, they all absolutely love the raw diet and when it is time to eat they all come running!



I love Tigertail Food! Everyone says I look like a puppy, and you know
how a girl loves a compliment like that! Especially since I’m 14 years
old. I credit my youthful good looks and phenomenal energy to my
healthy Tigertail diet. Living at Lake Tahoe is a lot of work. I
patrol miles of mountain trails and beach almost every day. But I still
run circles around Mom, Dad and even my new younger brother, Timber.
He’s 10 and he loves Tigertail too. Huskies are known for running off –
not us. We know where the good stuff is – It’s in our fridge under the
Tigertail label!

huskiesMiska and her “little” brother Timber – loved by Lesia A. and Jeff C.


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