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Tigertail Pet Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company.
We use only human-grade ingredients that come from trusted sources.
Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated
by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Happy Pi Day & Crufts’ Agility Provides Wonderful Fun (video)

Happy Pi Day! Are you celebrating with a slice of your favorite dessert? More importantly, are you sharing it with the dog? The dog really deserves a nibble, especially if it’s blueberry because that’s loaded with antioxidants. Practically a health food, right? (***for the record, we do NOT endorse dogs eating a whole slice of pie…maybe a […]

Goats and Horses – a Stable Friendship

View post on You’ve heard the expression to “get someone’s goat.” It means to annoy, irk or unsettle someone. If you’re like me, you have probably wondered why getting, or taking, someone’s goat would be problematic. I suppose it would anger anyone if you lost one of your animals, but why specifically the goat? […]

Horses Adept at Reading Human Expressions

Here’s one for our equine fans… your horse can tell if you’re happy or angry, and it isn’t because of the bond you two share – it’s because horses are very good at recognizing the signs of human emotion. Research psychologists at Sussex University (England), who last year released a report on the emotional facial […]

Helpful Boxer Picks Up Litter, Recycles (video)

Meet Paris. She’s a 9 year-old Boxer who’s on a one-dog crusade for a cleaner neighborhood and a healthier planet. Paris’ mom, Fran Hodges, 51, of Bodmin, England, says Paris is a “one-dog recycling machine.”  She is rather obsessed with picking up litter on their daily walks – something Paris was not trained nor encouraged to do. […]

Monday Morning Cup of Awww…Runaway Miniature Horse

This whole story just tickles me… From the Western Daily Press: A miniature horse called Harvey is back home after learning to open the gate to his paddock, escaping and attempting to join the fire brigade. Baffled firefighters in Trowbridge arrived to work this morning to find the miniature horse had mysteriously appeared in the […]

Woman Feeds Mange-Ridden Fox Back to Health

This is one of those stories that leaves me glad there are people who care but also shaking my head… you’ll see what I mean. Read on. Louise Carlton, 31, from Blackheath, south East London, was dozing in her garden one sunny afternoon last August. “[I] awoke to find this little fox licking my ear. To […]

Monday Morning Cup of Awww… Good Morning, Sunshine!

Never trust a smiling cat. A cat’s source of joy is not the same as yours. That cat is smiling over the Lego piece your heel will find in the middle of the night. Or the dead mouse left on your pillow (and that is an actual act of love from a cat). If you see […]

Two Stories for Cat Lovers

As we head into the weekend I’ve got two cat stories – one sweet, one odd – for you… Let’s start with the odd.  You know that song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”? Well this is kinda like that if you were singing about a cat and selling the window it was […]

Monday Morning Cup of Awww… Baby Drill Monkey Plays with JRT Puppies (video)

Mubi, a baby drill monkey, was rejected by her mother shortly after being born. Fortunately for Mubi and the rest of the drill monkey population (they are very, very rare!), she lives at the Port Lympne animal park in southeast England. There, she is able to be hand-raised by caring and nurturing staff members… and […]

Rescuing a Fox Cub from a Cricket Net (video)

The Wildlife Aid Foundation (UK) is devoted to rescuing and healing of animals in need due to injury, abandonment or illness. Located in Leatherhead, Surrey and founded in 1980, the hospital cares for more than 20,000 cases a year, and they do it all on donations and volunteers (incredible and impressive!!!). In this video, the […]


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