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Stray Cat Gets Her Own Headquarters at Boston SWAT Office

SWAT members are tough. They are rocks.  They are the people who take down an active shooter or resolve a tense hostage situation… they have nerves of steel and ice water for blood. Until it comes to a stray calico cat. Then they turn to mush (tough as hell mush but still mush).

She’d melt anyone’s heart! Love the pawprints all over the hook of the SWAT vehicle!!

SWAT Cat wandered up to the Boston SWAT headquarters 4 years ago and decided she liked it there. They SWAT members, in turn, totally fell in love with the little girl who would curl up in their laps and provide the quiet comfort that sometimes only a warm, furry and purring cat can provide. She took care of them emotionally and they took care of her physically. But SWAT Cat had her own ideas about what she wanted out of life, and to stay an outdoor cat was not negotiable issue.  No matter what the team members did, she resolutely stayed out of the building.

They did everything they could to protect SWAT Cat from being essentially on her own, including giving her various shelters. However, one team member took it upon himself to make a kitty condo that puts all other kitty condos to shame.

That’s quite a setup! It even has sliding windows. SWAT Cat deserves the best.

“Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, stayed late after work for several nights painstakingly preparing Swat Cat’s new home. The condo features a spacious studio interior layout, a large deck for outdoor dining and glass sliding doors offering panoramic city views,” writes the department.

After some of the team members set the lovely domicile out where SWAT Cat prefers to spend her time, she immediately jumped up and established herself in her new home.

Sunning herself on the deck and dining al fresco.

We hope she has many more healthy, happy years as the BPD’s unofficial mascot and feline ambassador complete with her own headquarters.

Photo credits: Boston Police Department  

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