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Snow Fun! (video)

The calendar says it’s winter. The forecast here in the mid-Atlantic says late spring… with more mild weather on tap. I am NOT complaining! Okay, actually I’m going to complain a little. We’ve had buckets of rain, and anyone with dogs knows what that means – MUD!!! Lilly B and Cooper have joined to form Team Muddy Buddies. They would be so so cute if I didn’t have to clean them and everything in their wake. This photo was after they’d been wiped down (because why bathe them?!?):

Go Team Muddy Buddies!!!

Cooper looks clean, but he’s not. Lilly B looks like she got rolled in the mud because she did. I suppose you gotta look the part, right?

Because of the rain that made the mud that’s making my house into a sty any pig would be proud to live in, I’m not sure excited about letting the kids out in the yard to play (read: bring more yard back into the house). That, in turn, makes them all kinds of keyed-up.  If this continues I won’t be surprised to see them dancing on the back of the couches and launching themselves into space.  So imagine how jealous I was to see this guy play dog sled team with his two Goldens (this may be the only time you hear me say I’m jealous of someone with snow!). Watch this and oh and ah over how darned cute and how much fun they are having!!!

I’m off to chase a dog off a table top and mop the floors!

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