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Tigertail Pet Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company.
We use only human-grade ingredients that come from trusted sources.
Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated
by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Rescue Rebate Program

Part of Tigertail Foods’ mission is a commitment to helping animals in need and to be able to offer you a way to help them, too. Our Rescue Rebate Program allows you to send funds to the rescue organization of your choice when you purchase our products. Your purchases can help provide medicine, food, and other vital necessities. The needs of rescue organizations are numerous and every little bit helps.

Each of us has gift-giving opportunities throughout the year, and at Tigertail Foods we take pride in helping you find or create that very special gift — from a package of custom selected blend of our cookies to a large basket of goodies or even a membership in our Once-A-Month Club. Throughout the year the gift section of our website is full of ideas to pamper and delight the lucky recipients. Your friends will thank you, your friends’ pets will thank you, and the rescue organizations will thank you.

Here is how the Rescue Rebate Program works:

For Individuals: Buy any Tigertail Foods product and when checking out mention your 501©3 (non-profit) rescue organization of choice. If we already have a relationship with that rescue, they will automatically be credited with your purchase. If we don’t have a relationship with your chosen rescue, we will ask you for their full name, location, and if you have it, a contact person. We will contact the rescue and set up a Rescue Rebate Program with them. They will automatically be credited with every purchase you make from Tigertail Foods.

For Rescue Groups: Establish a two-way link with our website.  Anyone who orders from us and mentions your rescue organization automatically becomes part of your rebate group.  At the end of each quarter we add up the value of all the orders in your rebate column and send your organization a check.  We don’t send checks for less than $5.00 and if the value of your rebates hasn’t reached $5, then that amount is carried forward and paid out at the end of the quarter when $5 in rebate is achieved.  The amount that a qualified rescue can expect to receive depends upon the manner in which the order is placed.  Regular and website orders result in a  10% rebate.  A Once-A-Month Club order will produce either a 5% or a 10% rebate depending on the customer’s choice.

Additionally, we will spotlight each rescue group we donate to by placing them in a monthly rotation on our homepage.

**The amount that a qualified rescue group can expect to receive depends upon the manner in which the order is placed. Regular and website orders result in a 10% rebate. A Once-Month Club order will produce either a 5% or a 10% rebate depending on the customer’s choice.

For more information about our Rescue Rebate Program or to join our Once-A-Month Club, please call us at 760.634-1183 or email us

Here is a list of groups that already belong to or benefit from the RRP.

Rescue Of The Month

Companions For Heroes 

We are featuring Companions for Heroes once again as our December Rescue of the Month.  For those of you unfamiliar with Companions for Heroes (C4H), they are a wonderful and increasingly essential group that helps match veterans, first responders, law enforcement officers and even next of kin affected with the stress of active duty/PTSD with shelter/rescue dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. C4H covers the adoption fees, the training cost to make sure the dog meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a gift card to a pet supply store (amount depending on financial means), pet insurance support of up to $500 per year (also based on financial need), and follow-up support over the lifespan of the dog or as needed by the hero.  This group is particularly important to the Tigertail Foods’ family as we personally know the value of a dog’s companionship to help buoy one’s mental and emotional energies during difficult times. December, the holiday times, is the perfect time to reflect on the invaluable relationship we have with our dogs and count our blessings… and help give to those who need that same unconditional love.  In that spirit, a portion of every unaffiliated purchase will go to support C4H this month.


– Dharma Rescue for Dogs and Cats – CA

– New Beginnings Rescue – MA

– The Rescue House – CA

– Superior Animal Rescue – AZ


All Breed Rescue

– Friends of County Animal Shelters (F.O.C.A.S.) – CA

– Dharma Rescue for Cats and Dogs – CA

– Friends of the Humane Society of Tijuana – CA

– Life4Paws – CA

– New Beginnings Rescue – MA

– OC Pound Hounds – CA  (Small breed rescue)

– Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals, FCIA – CA

Cocker Spaniel

– English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Rescue– WA

– San Diego Spaniel Rescue – CA

– Cocker Pals Rescue – NY

– Clumber Spaniel Club of America


– Dachsund Rescue and Placement aka The Doxy Keeper – CA

German Shepherd

– Coastal German Shepherd Rescue – CA

Golden Retriever

– GRREAT – Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc. Falls Church – VA

– Adopt A Golden Atlanta – GA

– Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue – MD

– Golden Friends Rescue – PA



– Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue – TN

– Homeward Bound Rescue and Sanctuary – CA  (website) (Facebook page)

Montana’s Precious Gold Golden Retriever Rescue – MT

– Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Rescue – PA

– The Amber Fund – Cape Fear – NC

– The Goldstock Fund – NH

– Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue – CA

Irish Setter

– Irish Setter Club of America Rescue – CA

– Save Our Setters (Irish & Gordon Setter rescue) – TN

Italian Greyhound

– Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation – MA

Labrador Retriever

– Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue – CA

– Labrador Life Line – NH

– Labrador Harbor – CA

– Labrador Rescuers – CA


– Papillons and Playmates – CA

Pit Bull

– It’s the Pits – CA

Pomeranian – SC


– Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue – MD

– Pug Rescue of San Diego – CA

Rhodesian Ridgeback

– Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Inc. – VA

Silky Terrier

– Silky Terrier Charitable Trust – CA

Springer Spaniel

– English Springer Spaniel Rescue of America –CA

West Highland White Terrier

– San Francisco Bay WHWT Club – CA

– WHWT Club of California Rescue – CA

– Westie Rescue of California – CA

– Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond -CA

Yorkshire Terrier

– Yorkies and Friends – CA


– House Rabbit Society, San Diego Chapter – CA

– Wee Companions – CA


-The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue – CA

– Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue – CO

– TB Friends (Thoroughbred rescue) – CA

– The Grace Foundation of Northern California – CA

– Sore No More (Gaited horse rehab/rescue) – CA

-Red Bucket Equine Rescue – CA


– The Parrot Education and Adoption Center – San Diego – CA


– LAWRA (Louisiana Wildlife Rehabilitators Association) – LA


– Coachella Valley Animal Campus – CA

– Escondido Humane Society – CA

– Kootenai Humane Society – ID

– Rancho Coastal Humane Society – CA

– San Diego Humane Society – CA

– San Diego Humane Society, North Campus – CA


– Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance – CA (Sri Lanka tsunami zone spay-neuter)

– National Canine Cancer Foundation – AZ

National Equine Resource Network (NERN) – CA

– Companions for Heroes (C4H) – VA

– Paws’itive Teams (Service Dog Training) – CA

– SNAP (Spay-Neuter Action Project) – CA

– The Guide Horse Foundation – NC


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