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Red Panda Startled by Rock

Rocks aren’t known for being stealth and surprising, especially if they aren’t in motion… or if they’ve been sitting around in plain sight just waiting to be noticed. However, that doesn’t mean a rock couldn’t be shocking if you happen to be a particularly adorable red panda.

I love how he, the red panda – not the rock, decides to just make a u-turn and head back into his cubbyhole. This is just good advice. Everyone should do it if they leave their houses and find something objectionable, scary, troubling or otherwise unpleasant… just turn around, head home and consider telecommuting while wearing your pjs and bunny slippers as a viable ongoing life choice.

This weekend is Easter and Passover (yay!) followed by Tax Day (cue the sad trumpet sound). Hopefully, you will be spending your two days with family, friends, and animals you love instead of in front of your computer monitor puzzling through the intricacies and labyrinthine logic of a 1040 form and all of its associated worksheets and schedules.  Either way, you might want to pick up a bag of this month’s featured cookie – Grilled Cheese Just-a-Bite Biscotti – for the dogs if they are feeling a little forgotten with everything going on.  Of course, if you have a cat or are going to take advantage of the good weather this weekend and do a training session outside you will want to take advantage of our sale on the Tuna Bark, 15% off the regular price for the 4 oz bag. A very little bit goes a loooong way, making a good deal an even better bargain.  I think we’ll be communing with nature on a hike, although both Cooper and Lilly B need a lesson in etiquette more. We could start with “noses off the table” and work towards *thinking* about coming when called as opposed to flipping the middle pawpad and running the opposite direction.  Maybe I need to put in my own order for some Tuna Bark.

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