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Real Animal Names and What’s New for February

What do you think is more appropriately descriptive – danger floof or grizzly bear? nope rope or rattlesnake? Granted grizzly bears are somewhat grizzled and rattlesnakes have actual rattles but do the names convey the right amount of gravity when dealing with these animals? I say that danger floof and nope rope tell people all they need to know about the grizzly bear and rattle snake. We need to think about naming animals to be more illuminating as to their abilities, states or potential for killing you. Consider these names for example:  

Really, isn’t duck puppy a whole lot better than platypus? What the heck is a platypus? It’s a duck puppy. There ya go!

In other news, it’s February! It’s been February for a week now. I’ve been letting it settle in and mulling it over to see if we are just going to fast forward to spring because here in northern Virginia it’s almost 70 degrees. I will not complain about a lack of snow and crappy, cold weather because I am and always will be a San Diegan and winter should just be a slightly chillier (or chiller) version of summer. Slightly. 65 and sunny every day. Except when it rains there and then you need to rethink getting on the freeways because rain and southern California roads are two things that do not go together.

blueberry pie biscottiIt also means that we have a couple of new things for you and your fur friends. First is the new Flavor of the Month – Blueberry Pie!!! Yes, blueberries are traditionally a summer fruit but when it’s rainy and cold, people and pets need a dash of sunshine and that’s what a bag of Blueberry Pie Just-a-Bite Biscotti is! We have taken the ingredients for blueberry pie, left out the stuff your dog really doesn’t need (extra sugar, too much fat, anything fake!) and mixed together the rest into a delicious little crunch treat.  It’s a yummy way for your dog to get his antioxidants because we use real blueberries and a LOT of them! Make sure to pick up a bag, maybe two, today. This flavor sold out early last year.

lip balmThe Savings Spotlight Item is Emu Oil Lip Balm. You save over 20% off the regular price this month! We all love this stuff… it is deeply moisturizing and it has SPF 15 so it heals AND protects. I can’t stand having a sticky, tacky lip balm. It didn’t matter if it meant my lips would burn or dry out, I’d wipe it off and not wear it again. But after discovering Emu Oil Lip Balm, I’m covered! It glides on and doesn’t have a weird flavor or smell. It isn’t uncomfortable to wear, and I actually like the way it feels on. If you are like me and find that you’d rather go without rather than deal with gross lip balm, do yourself a favor and try the Emu Oil Lip Balm… and at over 20% off the regular price there’s no better time to find your new favorite lip protector!

Usually at this point in the post I’d be telling  you who our Rescue of the Month is. Not this month. This month we are taking some time to figure out how to rework the Rescue of the Month program. I’m sure this has you wondering how this affects the rest of the Rescue Rebate Program and will your purchases still go to help your favorite rescues? Short answer, yep, they sure will! That won’t change because we know how important it is to you (and us!) to be able to help your rescue groups in anyway possible. So don’t fear, you are still supporting your causes, people and pets… we are just going to retool how we best present the program.

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