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100% Pure Organic Emu Oil


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100% Pure Organic Emu Oil

Grade ‘A’ Australian emu oil is produced under the strict Australian emu oil regulations.  The birds are totally free range, feeding on an all-natural diet which includes natural plants with antibiotic properties.  No growth hormones or medicines are used, and they are not fed on corn, meat meal or hydrogenated oil feed. This is the real thing, as natural as you can get.  All the natural fatty acids are preserved by low temperature refining processes and refrigerated storage.

Recommended by veterinarians for all domestic animals to promote faster healing and less scarring, we keep it in the bakery for OUR burns. It is a great topical analgesic. Because it is a natural product, we use it as often as necessary to soothe the skin and prevent blisters without having to worry about chemical side-effects or toxins. We’ve also used it very successfully on our dogs to help cure ‘hot spots” and on horses to heal wounds and sores and reduce “proud flesh.”

As a supplement, we have seen wonderful results in dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and allergies (click here to see Bree’s story). Emu oil contains 22 essential fatty acids including Omega 3,6,9, oleic and linoleic acids. When ingested EFA’s convert to prostaglandins which act on a variety of cells and have a wide variety of actions including regulation of inflammatory response, circulatory and cardiovascular systems, immune cell function, promotion of new cell growth, aid smooth muscle activity, and it even has been known to calm inflammatory bowel disease irritation.

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