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Optical Illusions Promote Animal Adoption

Promoting animal adoption for a city like Mumbai, where the number of homeless dogs is an astounding 30 million (in one city!), is no easy task. For perspective, the number of homeless dogs is just short of double the human population of the city (18M).  Furthermore, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. To help encourage people in an already exceptionally crowded city adopt one of those 30 million dogs the creative team of photographer Amol Jadhav and art director/retoucher Pranav Bhide borrowed from Rubin’s vase, a famous black and white drawing that either looks like two faces or a vase depending on if the viewer focuses on the black or white areas.

The three photos show people in adoring (and adorable) embraces, while the negative space (the white area) creates the illusion of a dog, cat and rabbit.  The tagline is “There’s always room for one more. Adopt.” It is particularly poignant for a city such as Mumbai.

The campaign promoted an adoption day for World For All Animal Care and Adoptions.  The results were rather impressive – 42 of the shelter’s animals were adopted in one day.  It also increased foot traffic 150 percent.

The ads aren’t just clever; they are beautiful.

Anything that promotes animal adoption is worthy of commendation, but these elevate it to the level of art. Art’s purpose is to inspire, and these definitely inspire their viewers to find room in their hearts and homes (no matter how crowded it is) to complete their family with an animal who needs love and a forever home.

Photo credits: Amol Jadhav, Pranav Bhide

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