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Mikey Gets Groomed

The last couple of posts have focused on the east coast TTF dogs, so it’s time for a little west coast dog love… Ann’s boy, Mikey, went for his first ever grooming session and he looks SO very very handsome!!

Mikey was looking a little shaggy – which was quite a change from how he looked when he first came to Ann.  I don’t know if you remember but Mikey’s coat was kinda ratty looking (he had a pretty severe case of malnutrition before coming to live with Ann).  His tail looked like it belonged to a very large, hairless Chihuahua rather than a Golden.  However, as you can imagine, living with Ann and close proximity to her bakery has changed all that!  So, as his coat really started to come in, it needed some sprucing up.  And, you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up and he wanted to look his best for the ladies. Mikey is quite the ladies’ man.

Doesn’t he look fab and fluffy!?!  That is the work of the good and talented folks at Puppy Love in Encinitas.  If you are local to San Diego, check them out! Ann has been taking her dogs there for years and they always come back looking like they just stepped out of a photo shoot.

You might notice that his right front paw is turned out. Yep, it is. The vets are pretty sure he was born that way since the x-rays don’t show any signs of trauma. It, like so many other ortho issues our rescues have, doesn’t cause any mobility problems. I don’t think Mikey even notices that he looks like he’s always about to make a right-hand turn.

You can see here in this photo that when he walks, that paw is turned but Mikey doesn’t care.  He does care about that treat that’s luring him toward the camera!  Good boy, Mikey!

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  1. He looks fabulous❤

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