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Midway Through May

Happy Monday afternoon! By now, you are either packing it in for the day or staring down the last bit of work for the day. Congratulate yourself on having made it not just through Monday, but also through the first half of May. Can someone tell me where it went, by any chance? I feel like spring is rushing by… I also feel like I keep saying things like that.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I hope you all celebrated your mom, yourself, your favorite maternal person – whoever, just as long as there was a celebration of love because, really, that’s what moms are.  My special treat was a snuggle with Lilly B and Cooper after Mr. TTF got up and fed them (usually my job as I’m the morning person in the family). The kids came racing back up to the bedroom after breakfast and they piled on me, followed by a food-induced nap.  It was a very sweet way to spend the morning.

I’ve just started reading Temple Grandin’s Animals Make Us Human.  If you’ve not heard of Grandin, she is an animal scientist as well as being autistic (which one may argue could give her more, or a special type of, insight into how animals think?).  She has worked for years with the livestock industry to make it more humane and improve the overall welfare of these animals through environment modification (i.e., chutes designed to reduce emotional stress on cattle).  In this book, she discusses the emotional needs of our domestic animals – cats, dogs, horses, as well as zoo animals – and what we can do to make them happier and less stressed.  I am learning something new on just about every page. You will definitely want to pick this up.

Speaking of behavior and emotional needs, we all know a Golden is happiest when he is carrying something around in his mouth.  Cooper is no exception to that rule. Lately, we’ve had a spate of massive branches come down with the storms that have been such a part of this spring, and Cooper couldn’t be happier. He must think the stick fairy comes by every night just for him.  He loves carrying around these huge tree hunks… then chewing off the bark, smoothing off the ends, etc. He might have been a woodworker in a prior life. I toss them over the fence when I can get one away from him, which isn’t an easy feat. As I said, he loves his sticks. So when I saw the following video, well, of course, it made me think this might Cooper in the future if the stick fairy stops making her regular rounds.  It’s nice to know that breeds other than Goldens can be just as stick-driven.

If you haven’t gotten your order in for the Flavor of the Month, do so soon!  Our Bacon Cheeseburger Just-a-Bite Biscotti always sells out early and no wonder! What dog can resist bacon, cheese, and beef all wrapped up into a tasty little treat sensation?  Like all our products, these are made from exactly what the label says – bacon, cheddar cheese, beef (broth) – but as healthy and low calorie as a treat with those three ingredients can be (still coming in at about 15 to 20 calories a treat, I’d estimate).  My advice is to order two bags at least and hand out an extra cookie often. Followed by a rousing game of stick. Whether it’s throw the stick or chase the dog who has the stick, that’s really up to the dog.  Either way, as long as the dog is having a good time that’s all that counts.

Our highly concentrated emu oil cleanser cleans, deodorizes, soothes itchy, dry skin and repels fleas and ticks for a week. It is this month’s Savings Spotlight item, so now is the time to get our 4-in-1 Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for 10% off the regular price on the 16-ounce bottle! Get your order in today and love the way your pets smell, look and feel!

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