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Happy Pi Day & Crufts’ Agility Provides Wonderful Fun (video)

Happy Pi Day! Are you celebrating with a slice of your favorite dessert? More importantly, are you sharing it with the dog? The dog really deserves a nibble, especially if it’s blueberry because that’s loaded with antioxidants. Practically a health food, right?

(***for the record, we do NOT endorse dogs eating a whole slice of pie…maybe a tiny bite if weight isn’t an issue, but not much more than that. Even if it is blueberry.*** End of PSA)

While I was searching around for something involving dogs and pie or dogs and pi, which produced nothing of interest topically, I did find this fabulous video of an agility team who competed at Crufts this last week, and OHMY did they have fun! They didn’t win – not by any stretch of the imagination – but they gave the audience and the announcer the best entertainment!

Who needs a clean round when you’re having that much fun!  Congratulations to Olly for winning at life

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