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Go Team Badger!

Save us! Vaccinate the cows!

Save us! Vaccinate the cows!

Badgers Badgers Badgers! Save the Badgers!

What am I going on about with the badgers this morning?  Well, I’ll tell you . . . the British government has some wonky plan to “cull” the badger population in order to save the cows from bovine TB.  An idea that has never worked in any country that’s tried to control the disease in that manner.  What has worked is vaccination.  And this is the mission of Team Badger – to prevent the government from killing up to 70% of the country’s badgers and get them to vaccinate the cows instead.

Team Badger has some notable names behind its grassroots movement: Jane Goodall and Judi Dench  are two you will recognize immediately, and both do videos for the Team Badger site.  But the driving force behind Team Badger is Brian May of the band Queen.  He teamed up with Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon theme song – you’ll know him when you hear him!) to create a song in support of the badgers and get people to see that they need our help.  The song goes with a whimsical video.  The catchy tune has gone from protest song to Top 40 Hit.  “It has made the top 40 in the iTunes download chart and is the most popular track in the iTunes store top 10 rock chart.” (Guardian UK)

Vote Brian May and support Team Badger!  Let’s see that reason wins out over wrong-headed thinking.  Save the badger… Go Team Badger!!!

Check out Team Badger’s site and learn more about the cause and what can be done to save the badger.


Tigertail Foods’ Rescue Rebate Program helps the rescue group of your choice by donating a portion of every purchase.  If you have a rescue group you want to support, contact us and let us know.


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