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Bree’s Story

Natural Healing with Emu Oil

As some of you know Ann lost one of her best four-footed friends, Max, in early 2007.  He was a wonderful companion and could never be replaced, not in our hearts or the household; however, life got to be a little too quiet for Ann, Cody and the cats, and so she contacted Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue ( in hopes of finding the right addition to the family.

The call came February that a sweet blonde Golden Retriever girl had come into the rescue and would Ann consider fostering her.  Bree had a problem that made her almost unadoptable.  She had such horrible allergies that one half of her body had to be shaved down. She had a large wound on the top of her head from scratching.  Her flank and legs were covered in scabs from chewing and ripping.  Bree had fleas – and some of the skin damage was caused from flea dermatitis, but it was obvious that her allergies went far beyond just fleas.

Day One

Day Two

Day Seven

To help Bree’s skin heal, Ann began using our emu oil – applying it right to the problem areas and adding it to Bree’s food.  Taken internally, emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are far more effective as it is able to go to work from the inside. (By the way, when Ann checked this with our supplier they said that while there is no proof other than anecdotal, they agree that emu oil acts like a natural NSAID without any potentially harmful side-effects.)  We were amazed with the results!  In two days the differences were terrific.  Pink, healthy skin emerged from under the damaged and traumatized sites.  We began to see peach fuzz grow back within a week.   We couldn’t have been happier with the results of the emu oil.

As for Bree, she is a delight!  She is a loving and happy girl that fits right in with her new family.  In the last week of February, Ann signed the adoption papers.  Bree is in her forever home.


Bree – such a happy girl!  You can see that the scab on the top of her head is completely healed

and her hair is mostly grown in.


Bree – same side that was so badly damaged. This picture was taken one month (3/11) after Bree started on Emu Oil. Not only are all the scabs healed, but also the hair grew back.


The whole family (minus the cats and horse) . . .
Bree, Cody and Ann (left to right)


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