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Tigertail Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company.
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Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated
by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Happy Pi Day & Crufts’ Agility Provides Wonderful Fun (video)

Happy Pi Day! Are you celebrating with a slice of your favorite dessert? More importantly, are you sharing it with the dog? The dog really deserves a nibble, especially if it’s blueberry because that’s loaded with antioxidants. Practically a health food, right? (***for the record, we do NOT endorse dogs eating a whole slice of pie…maybe a […]

Stray Cat Gets Her Own Headquarters at Boston SWAT Office

SWAT members are tough. They are rocks.  They are the people who take down an active shooter or resolve a tense hostage situation… they have nerves of steel and ice water for blood. Until it comes to a stray calico cat. Then they turn to mush (tough as hell mush but still mush). SWAT Cat […]

Why Are Pandas Black and White?

Researchers believe they have found the reason why giant pandas are black and white – a color combination rarely found in wild animals due to its inability to camouflage – and the reason seems to be their strict diet of bamboo. Bamboo is remarkably devoid of nutrition, which means the giant panda must eat continuously. […]

Does Your Dog Want to be Hugged? Probably Not

Happy February 15th… the day *after* the day we celebrate love in all its many glorious forms. I think it’s sadly fitting that given Valentine’s Day’s sort of shady reputation (c’mon, even if you like it, how many of your friends find it to be a major bummer?) that we post a report on how […]

Socializing with a Big Puppy and A Snowy Walk for a Happy Golden (video)

Over the weekend we had friends over, something we haven’t done much since we got Cooper. Not that Cooper isn’t a social butterfly of love. He is! But between the Big Snip that had him “quitely” penned up for 2 weeks, the holidays and our own stupidbusy life, we haven’t been handing out the invites. That […]

Real Animal Names and What’s New for February

What do you think is more appropriately descriptive – danger floof or grizzly bear? nope rope or rattlesnake? Granted grizzly bears are somewhat grizzled and rattlesnakes have actual rattles but do the names convey the right amount of gravity when dealing with these animals? I say that danger floof and nope rope tell people all […]

Mikey Gets Groomed

The last couple of posts have focused on the east coast TTF dogs, so it’s time for a little west coast dog love… Ann’s boy, Mikey, went for his first ever grooming session and he looks SO very very handsome!! Mikey was looking a little shaggy – which was quite a change from how he […]

Welcome Home, Cooper!

We made it official. We are a two-dog family as of Saturday. The paperwork is filed and everything. No take-backsies! How did we celebrate? With a nap, of course, because being the world’s biggest puppy requires a lot of recharging of the batteries.  Cooper has two modes: asleep and in motion!!! If I didn’t know any […]

Snow Fun! (video)

The calendar says it’s winter. The forecast here in the mid-Atlantic says late spring… with more mild weather on tap. I am NOT complaining! Okay, actually I’m going to complain a little. We’ve had buckets of rain, and anyone with dogs knows what that means – MUD!!! Lilly B and Cooper have joined to form […]

What We’ve Been Doing

Really, this post explains who has been keeping us busy doing stuff, well stuff other than writing the blog or other trivial work matters (cough, cough). Meet Cooper!!! That’s Cooper.  He’s probably a Golden Retriever. He also might be a brontosaurus. He’s massive. His head is the size of a soccer ball. If he wore […]


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