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Tigertail Pet Foods is a wholistic pet food and treat company.
We use only human-grade ingredients that come from trusted sources.
Your pet's health is our first concern and everything we make is motivated
by the principle that healthy food helps make healthy pets.

Farewell, My Friends

November 10, 2008 — That was the date of our first Tigertail Foods’ blog. 2032 posts later, I’m hanging up my hat. I am truly, deeply saddened to have to write this last post, but it’s time. Tigertail Foods has been sold.  Jordan Woodward bought the company from Ann last month, and since then we’ve […]

Happy Summer Solstice!

Welcome to Summer!! Bring on the heat! Wait! No, bring on a little warmth that would be enjoyable with light breezes and a nice glass of iced tea… not this craziness!  In the spirit of the new (and so far very very hot) season is your daily inspiration… Remember to stay cool this summer! Go […]

Your Cat Likes You! And What’s New for June

The cat reputation for being shy, independent and treating humans as can opening devices (and occasionally scratching posts) is well deserved. Not so fast, say researchers at Oregon State University’s Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) lab.  Your cat really does like you… even more than food or toys. The study was conducted with 19 shelter cats and 19 […]

Dog Training: Are Women Better at it Than Men?

Last week I wrote about a behavioral study that found that women, by in large, are better at correctly interpreting a dog’s growl than men.  The researchers believed the reason behind this is because women are “more in tune emotionally” — which I think plays to a stereotype, but instead of making an argument about […]

What’s That Your Dog is Saying? Human Can Interpret Meaning Behind Growls

When a dog speaks, do you listen? Do you understand what you’re hearing?  According to a new study, if the dog in question is your dog, the chances are high that you correctly are interpreting what’s being vocalized. Also, if you’re a woman, you might be more capable than your male counterpart in figuring out the […]

Midway Through May

Happy Monday afternoon! By now, you are either packing it in for the day or staring down the last bit of work for the day. Congratulate yourself on having made it not just through Monday, but also through the first half of May. Can someone tell me where it went, by any chance? I feel […]

Goats Get a Police Ride-Along in Search of Owner

Sgt. Fitzpatrick encounters all kinds of excitement in his daily routine as a police officer for the city of Belfast, Maine.  However, last week he had one of the more memorable (and quite definitely adorable) adventures of his career… he picked up two runaway goats. Sgt. Fitzpatrick spotted the two goats, named Louis and Mowgli, […]

Optical Illusions Promote Animal Adoption

Promoting animal adoption for a city like Mumbai, where the number of homeless dogs is an astounding 30 million (in one city!), is no easy task. For perspective, the number of homeless dogs is just short of double the human population of the city (18M).  Furthermore, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities […]

Red Panda Startled by Rock

Rocks aren’t known for being stealth and surprising, especially if they aren’t in motion… or if they’ve been sitting around in plain sight just waiting to be noticed. However, that doesn’t mean a rock couldn’t be shocking if you happen to be a particularly adorable red panda. I love how he, the red panda – not […]

It’s a Bittersweet Day

Today marks the last day for Lindsey, our production manager, at Tigertail Foods.  It’s bittersweet… bitter because she won’t be here and we will miss her, and sweet because she is going to run her own company, Carefree Companions, full-time and that’s exciting and wonderful! However, our loss is your gain if you live in […]


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