Weekly News Round Up 1/14/11

It’s Friday the 14th of January, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and here’s the rest of the news from the animal world…

Investigators snagged two Japanese men smuggling 55 turtles into LAX in snack packs. The sting was internally called “Operation Flying Turtle” . . .  A new study finds that stress can adversely affect cats’ health. Odd when you consider that cats as a species have mastered the art of utter relaxation . . . Obviously Lucy is one cat that has not let anything bother her. She is the oldest known cat at the ripe and venerable age of 39!! . . . A marine who rescued an abandoned puppy faced having to give her up when he left for training. Fortunately a foster home has stepped forward to care for Oreo until he comes home . . . Vice President Biden’s breeder has lost her kennel licence for multiple violations. The breeder is fighting the charges and vows “to leave Pennsylvania as soon as possible.” . . .  One poll asked owners if their pets gave them any forewarning to approaching bad weather and/or bad news – two-thirds said that their pets alerted them to changing weather, and almost half of the owners had gotten a heads-up from their pets about bad news. Either way, a good number of owners thing their pets have some extra sense regarding storms on the horizon . . . An Oregon hairdresser has a heck of a hobby – she helps break and train wild mustangs that then get adopted out. She says she likes the challenge . . . One spear-fisherman has a heck of a fish story about the one that got away – it was stolen by a shark right off his spear gun as he sat in a kayak . . . Speaking of sharks, the Discovery Channel has posted what sounds like quite possibly one of the world’s coolest jobs, the Celebrity Chief Shark Officer – here’s a snippet from the job requirement: Must enjoy exotic, waterfront locations, buff bodies in bathing suits and having the bejesus scared out of you. Looking delicious in a wetsuit is a plus. Sense of humor required. I think I’ll let this opportunity pass me by and keep the job that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of me.

Photo of the Week:

You don’t often hear people fawn over how adorable possums are, but Heidi the cross eyed possum is the exception to the rule.  She started on her road to fame in a zoo in Germany and now has over 180,000 fans on Facebook. Heidi is 2 1/2 years old and lives at the Leipzig Zoo, where she just moved after living at a zoo in Denmark. She will be publicly viewable beginning in July.  Keepers believe that her crossed eyes are due to poor nutrition when she was younger -however, it doesn’t seem to bother her as she relies on her sense of smell (as all possums do because they’re nocturnal) to get around.

Video of the Week:

The title supposedly translates as “The bear decided to play with the cat, but later regretted it.” While watching this I alternated between thinking “Gosh I hope the cat is okay” (yeah, it’s more than okay – hence the video’s title) and wondering why the heck the bear was in the house. Whatever. The baby bear is cute – it is even cute when the cat hands the baby bear its butt on a platter.


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