Dog Balancing Treats Video, Take Two

Yesterday, a video of an adorable, HIGHLY patient and exceptionally well balanced Golden Retriever became an internet favorite as it made its way from inbox to inbox. Yes, I received it, too.  However, I didn’t bother to post it, thinking that if everyone has seen it there was little reason to rerun it here (you know, ‘cuz we’re so timely around here) . . . BUT did you know that there is a second version??? And this time he balances the treats while on his back!


The guy is obviously a Jenga master – and I think we’ve now for a purpose for those particular brand of “treats” ;-)

If you somehow managed to avoid seeing the first video here is the link – Dog Balances Treats on Nose – and a preview of what this sweet baby has to put up with. . .


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2 Responses to “Dog Balancing Treats Video, Take Two”

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  1. D.K.Milgrim-Heath says:

    What a Darling Gentle Docile Dog Is This
    By D.K.Milgrim-Heath©2011
    What a darling gentle docile dog is this-
    Two YouTube’s show us a dog’s personality can be bliss!
    My Ozzy would have been the same type of candidate too-
    With gentleness and kindness plus loads of docileness all the way through!
    This very sweet dog trained to lie still on his back as biscuits are balanced from mouth near his nose-
    Motionless the dog lies so bell behaved not every dog owner has one of those!
    Several rows of tantalizing treats are placed one by one-
    So gently from the dog’s mouth being on YouTube showing how this is done!
    After the 27 biscuits are lined from the dog’s mouth that protrudes-
    We can still see the gentleness of this animal’s attitudes!
    Also the second YouTube shows the same dog doing balance many rows of biscuits on his nose facing you-
    Not lying down as before he did really do!
    The reward is that the dog can literally ‘have his biscuits and eat them too’ for sure-
    He did have three of them as his reward and not one more!


  1. [...] September a couple of videos of the Golden Retriever who became known as “Jenga Dog” for his ability to let his human stack treats on his nose went wildly viral.  It was widely admired [...]

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