Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!  Welcome back summer! We’ve missed you! This morning at about 1 AM, depending on where you live, we ushered in astronomical summer.  AKA the longest day of the year and summer solstice.  Today is the day that the earth has reached its maximum axis tilt toward the […] Read more »

Shelter Animals Adopted as Colorado’s State Pet

Colorado’s shelter animals have a group of  school children and Governor John Hickenlooper to thank for their support in making them the state’s official pet. The twelfth state to do so, Colorado’s decision to adopt an official pet recognizes the important role that rescue dogs and cats play in the lives of its […] Read more »

How to Help Tornado Victims in Moore OK

Yesterday, a massive tornado destroyed the town of Moore, OK.  The experts are trying to assess if it was an EF4 or an EF5 – and while the categorization may be in doubt, the amount of destruction and devastation is not. If one can consider this good news in something as nightmarish […] Read more »

Marijuana as Medical Treatment for Pets

We’ve all heard, usually second (or third/fourth/fifth) hand, about the jerk who tried to get the family dog stoned by blowing pot smoke in the poor critter’s face.  This is not that story.  This is about a veterinarian who believes that our pets should be able to reap the benefits […] Read more »

Super-Sized Pets; Survey Finds 55% of Dogs and Cats are Overweight

Look at your dog or cat.  Take a good hard critical look.  Be honest.  Is your pet fat? Statistically, 55% of you should answer yes.  Over half of our pets are overweight or obese.  Their growing waistlines are not only growing in size and numbers but are also becoming the […] Read more »

Vet Visits Down

Are you taking your pets to the vet as often as you need to?  Are you taking them less often as you did about 5 years ago?  The AVMA says you are not as vigilant as you were 5 years ago. Every five years the American Veterinary Medical Association does a […] Read more »

A Soldier and His Squirrel

There’s an old hackneyed plot favored by authors of early twentieth century adventure stories that when the hero saves a victim’s life, he is alternately permanently responsible for that person’s life or the saved is perpetually indebted to the hero.  Today’s post is a “life reflecting art” story . . . […] Read more »

AVMA Poised to Take Stance On Raw Pet Food

In August the AVMA’s House of Delegates will meet in San Diego (our hometown) to vote on an official policy regarding raw pet food. Really?!?  How unusual!  Why would the governing body for the American Veterinary Medical Association think it was necessary to have an official position on raw pet […] Read more »

Kids with Pets Feel Smarter, Happier and More Confident

Two weeks ago I reported on a study that linked pets in the household to healthier babies; now a survey shows that kids with pets find themselves to be happier and smarter than their non-pet owning counterparts. Pet at Home, a UK pet product retailer, conducted a poll of 1,000 […] Read more »