Happy Earth Day!

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Earth Day than spending it with a baby deer on my desk and in my face, but the chances of that happening are slim (and that probably good because deer poop in my keyboard would be a bummer)… so in lieu of […] Read more »

Monday Morning Cup of Awww… Q&A with a Comfort Dog at Boston Marathon

I love it when two of my favorite things intersect – dogs and running.  This morning it is Mark Remy, editor at large at Runner’s World and author of the Remy’s World column, interviewing Luther, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever and member of the K9 Comfort Dogs. For those who don’t […] Read more »

Dog’s Favorite Visiting Spot Closed, Community Rallies (video)

The iconic fountain at Adelaide city center’s Rundle Mall is a popular area for people to gather – and it’s a great spot to socialize your puppy, which is exactly what Neville Harris began doing with Sunshine, his Golden Retriever, eleven years ago.  Since then Sunshine, accompanied by Harris, has come to […] Read more »

Abandoned Crocodile Captured in California Strip Mall

This last Wednesday morning, shoppers at Roseville’s TJ Maxx Plaza were stunned to see a  4-foot Nile crocodile wandering around on the sidewalk outside the stores.  911 was called and the police and animal control were dispatched to the scene. The crocodile had been left out by the mall’s reptile […] Read more »