Animal News Round Up 3/11/11

It’s Friday, the 11th of March, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and here’s the rest of the news from the animal world…

Ever wonder about that old wives’ tale about dogs’ mouths being cleaner than humans’? One doctor says that logically humans have the cleaner mouths because we don’t eat garbage (has he never been to an all-you-can-eat buffet???) . . . Horse of the Year for 2009 Rachel Alexandra is pregnant and carrying a foal with loads of potential – the daddy is Horse of the Year 2007 and 2008 Curlin.  This will be one to keep our eyes on . . . Mark Zuckerberg violates his own company’s policy about creating accounts for dogs when he set up a Facebook page for his new puppy, Beast (who is just freakin’ adorable!). Maybe this means the company will be easing up on cracking down on all those other very-cute puppy pages . . . Scientists are looking at the mechanics of how bears hibernate and the potential for applying it to ill humans to help them get better . . . In a real life “Timmy is in the well” moment, one smart and persistent dog got her owner’s attention to let her know that the neighbor’s dog  had fallen into the pool and was drowning.  Good girl Jessie, good girl! . . . This is brilliant – one writer thinks that we’d all be better off as a species if we had a “play bow” just like dogs.  I couldn’t agree more . . . Here’s another reason to not let kids “play” with dogs unsupervised – a child tried to ride a friend’s Lab, causing a spinal injury and possibly paralyzing her. Dear Abby weighed in on how to handle the aftermath . . . The deep bond our dogs share with us has been the subject of thousands of essays and poems.  The stories of loyalty, bravery and love are many – and here is one more that will be told and retold.  A serviceman was killed in a firefight in Afghanistan; a few hours later, his trusted, best friend, a bomb-sniffing dog named Theo died from violent seizures. We are deeply grateful to them both for their service and ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Photo of the Week:
Tell me this doesn’t look like a kid in a dog suit . . . This is Norman the scooter dog who has become famous for his unconventional means of getting around.  Check out his video

Video of the Week:
The cats are evolving . . . and they’re coming to take what they want.  From you.  Meet your new overlords.


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