Animal News Round Up 2/4/11

It’s Friday, the 4th of February, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and here’s the rest of the news from the animal world…

If you’re familiar with dog agility competitions you will want to check out the story about Louie the pig who competes right along side his canine team mates.  I imagine that he has an extra reason for being concerned when the Border Collie enters the ring . . . And if a pig can compete and hold his own in agility, who’s to say it’s wrong that Zoe the cat has managed to not only get a PhD. but also accreditation from the American Psychotherapy Association? She is probably a really good listener . . . Jim Abernethy, a prominent shark advocate who has done some controversial things – like feeding sharks to get them to come closer for the sake of tours – was bitten by a reef shark. His explanation is brilliant: [The shark] “mistook me for a fish and made a shark mistake.” And to be fair, it wasn’t the shark’s fault it bit Jim – because it’s a shark . . . Never, ever try to rob an old woman.  Not only it is just wrong on every level, but she and her little dog will mess you up. Go Granny! . . . Could the fox have been man’s first best friend? Seems like it. A man-fox burial dating back 4,000 years before the first know man-dog burial was uncovered. This makes the entire idea of fox hunting just a huge insult to the fox (think about it). . . A California man lost his beloved cat “Cinderella” while on a road trip – and this is one heck of a lost pet story. After four months apart and a case of mistaken identity, Bill and Cinderella were reunited. And they lived happily ever after . . . If we had awards for “Lousiest Pet Owner” it would be a toss up which one of these two women would get it: 1) the woman who adopted an adorable dog named Harvey and then returned him because he clashed with her curtains; 2) the Minnesota woman who tried to mail her puppy to a relative who lived in Georgia with two-day delivery postal service . . . Do you run? Do you need a running partner? Dogs make great running partners as these runners know – they get to “check out” loaner dogs and take them along for the daily miles. The adoptable dogs get out for fresh air, sunshine and socialization (making them more adoptable) and the runners get a dependable companion – big win-win. Hopefully more shelters will start programs like this one.

Photo of the Week:

At one point we worshiped cats as gods . . . they have not forgotten this.

Video of the Week:


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  1. Jimmy Abernathy Update says:

    Whitewash to cover Jims second near fatal bite and one of divers shark attack death in 2008?

    In 2008 Abernethy had been warned in a letter which went to all dive companies operating in the Bahamas, to cease and desist “conducting open-water non-cage shark diving experiences with known species of potentially dangerous sharks, such as tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks & mako sharks.”

    The letter, written by Neal Watson, president of the Bahamas Dive Association, went on to say “some dive operators have chosen to disregard standard safe-diving practices as it relates to interactions with tiger sharks and other potentially dangerous species of sharks, in various locations within the waters of The Islands of The Bahamas.”

    In an interview, Watson said “there’s not a shark expert in the world that would put divers in the water, with chum, specifically to attract bull, tiger and hammerhead sharks, without a cage. That’s putting people’s lives at risk”

    Watson said Abernethy’s “cowboy” operation “refused to comply” with his cease and desist recommendation.

    Three months later one of Jims divers was killed by a baited bull shark in these same waters. Jim has never apologized for this death in public.

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