Animal News Round Up 2/11/11

It’s Friday, the 11th of February, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and here’s the rest of the news from the animal world…

It’s not your imagination. Shark attacks are at an all-time high, although given that out of 115 attacks only 79 were “unprovoked” – and 22 of the remaining 36 were as a result of humans assaulting sharks.  Which one of us is more scary?. . .  Talk about a fitting resolution. Micheal Vick’s old house, you know the one, is being eyed by a Pennsylvania dog rescue group that hopes to use the 15 acre property as an animal sanctuary.  It has sat empty for the last three years. . . The president of Turkmenistan has mandated there will be a national horse beauty pageant. The country has a long-running relationship with horses – the horse is the national emblem. The winner will be granted the title of Most Beautiful Race Horse of the Year. The question on everyone’s mind is will there be an evening gown competition? . . . If you live in Newport News, VA, you know that earlier this week your power was knocked out for the better part of the day.  The reason? A cat got tangled in some equipment and pulled a plug.  It only affected about 1,300 homes. Oops. . . . Remember that dingbat who tried to send a puppy through the mail from Minnesota to Georgia?  She was sending the pup, Guess, to her 11 year old son as a birthday gift. At her hearing she asked for Guess and the money she spent on shipping costs returned – the judge isn’t letting her have either (Yay justice!). “I was deprived of my son not receiving his gift for his birthday,” Champion said at the hearing. “I felt really, really bad as a mom.” I wonder how she would’ve felt when her son opened his “gift” of a dead puppy? . . .  A bear that decided to use Boulder Community Hospital property as his hibernation spot was chased off with the use of country-western music by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.  ”They wanted to try to make it really noisy so that the bear would leave,” explained a hospital spokesman . . .  We all know how smart Border Collies are – Chaser the dog with the +1000 word vocab is one – and Rabbit Hash, Kenucky thinks so highly of the breed they made Lucy Lou, a gorgeous Border Collie, their mayor. She is the town’s third dog mayor, and she had some stiff competition in the race – 9 other dogs, a cat, a donkey and a possum. I bet this is the most honestly run town in the country.

The Photo of the Week:

This adorable little guy is a puggle (even the name is cute) – which is what a young echidna is called. What’s a echidna? It is a spiny anteater. They live in Australia and New Guinea. This one was found washed up on the beach after surviving the Brisbane floods. They guess that he was swept along for about 5 to 6 miles. He’s been named Ian by the staff at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s animal hospital, where he’ll be staying for another couple of months.

The Video of the Week:

I originally picked this as Video of the Week because of the amazing, breathtakingly beautiful cats, but on the second and third viewing I got pretty disturbed by the media’s treatment of this story.  Watch it and tell me what you think.


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