Animal News Highlights 7/1/11

It’s Friday, the 1st of July (Oh MY! Where did June go?!?!?), a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and here’s the good, the bad and the odd news from the animal world…

The town of Joplin, MO has seen more than its share of misery, which is why it was so gratifying to see over 5,700 people come from 24 states to adopt 745 unclaimed, homeless animals. The “adopt-a-thon” was held by the ASPCA and the Joplin Humane Society . . . Considered the “unluckiest” dog, Derek finally catches a break and is adopted a fourth time.  We hope it works out this time! . . . Tourists to the Grand Tetons may find themselves stuck in a grizzly traffic jam – that would be a traffic jam caused by grizzlies.  Two mommas and their cubs are making themselves visible along roadsides, and one of the momma bears has attacked previously in defense of her cubs. Officials warn sightseers to enjoy the view but do so from the relative safety of the car . . . Check out some beautiful long-lived faces of our best friends. Photographer Nancy LeVine has been collecting photos of America’s old dogs for the last eight years and put them together for a book called, “Senior Dogs Across America”.  . . . When we walk our dogs we sometimes encounter the unexpected in the form of unusual wildlife. One New Zealand woman and her dog stumbled across an Emperor penguin, the type featured in the “March of the Penguin” documentary. How cool is that!? . . .  Do you remember Larry, the cat adopted by 10 Downing Street to rid the Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence of mice? They have released an update on his progress – he’s caught three mice, is doing well and his boss seems to like him . . . And speaking of cats, if you have a cat door for yours you might want to watch this news report on how one family’s home was overturned when a coyote turned their house upside-down after entering through the pet flap . . . The feds want to do something that will warm the heart of all manatee fans (and I know you’re one of them!) – they want to turn all of King’s Bay, a well-known manatee habitat, into a permanent refuge.  In 1980, parts of King’s Bay had been set aside as protected space – the number of humans and manatees in the area have now overgrown and out-grown the existing boundaries, and the move to expand them is way overdue . . .  We never think that feeding our pets could be dangerous but that’s how one cat-lover ended up with a broken arm.  The 63 year-old woman who thought her neighbor’s kitten was hungry and tried to feed it through the mail slot got a lot more than she bargained for when her wrist got stuck and, when trying to get it loose, she heard it snap.  Making matters worse, she then had to be rescued by the fire department.  No good deed goes unpunished.

Photo of the Week:
Don’t you want to know what the story is here? Whatever it is, everyone’s happy. I think.

Video of the Week:
I’m so glad our dog doesn’t know this trick. We’d never get him out of the garage . . .


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