Animal News Highlights 5/31/12

It’s Friday the 31st of May – the last day of the month! – and it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Here is the back page news from the animal world . . .

Memorial Day weekend saw a lot of animal activity: a 370-pound sea turtle and a tiny pup were both rescued at sea off the coast of the Florida Keys.  As cool as it would have been for the rescuees to have been together, they were separate events.  Additionally, cows crashed a Boxford family’s backyard barbeque and drank all the beer (photo to follow!).  And, across the country, two Monrovia girls had their swim preempted by a black bear who came for a dip – the girls reported that it didn’t call anyone for help because it didn’t seem like a big deal when the bear “end[ed] up jumping in the ledge, and it’s kind of like floating around there, chilling” . . . and “swimming like he was a person.”

On the subject of bears . . . an adorable but uninvited black bear found himself in the middle of a Bakersfield middle school graduation.  Folks on Cape Cod have been spotting a black bear wandering around for over a week, and while he hasn’t been captured for relocation, he does have his own Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Ever wonder what wisdom the dolphins have to impart?  We are getting closer to finding out.

One tiny and tenacious dog followed the bike racers in a 1,138 mile route across China after one of the cyclists fed her.  The little dog became the racers’ mascot, even having one of the bikers start a blog about her experiences.  After completing the race – doing up to 60 kilometers a day (37+ miles) over the course of 20 days – the little dog who came to be named Xiao Sa was adopted by the biker who fed her.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is known for being a home to free spirits – one of them is a dog named Blue, who had become the center of a heated discussion regarding his fate.  Blue, now 10 yrs old, has lived his life as a very pampered and cared for stray.  He lives on the streets, but he has a dog house with air conditioning and a savings account with more in it than what’s in most of ours.  He is a stray by his own very opinionated choice; however, the city council has had some complaints about free-roaming Blue.  It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Okay, sealions, cut it out!  Leave some tasty Chinook salmon for the rest of us!

If you live in Maryland and/or follow Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), you’ll find Lisa LaFontaine’s article on the topic worth a read.  LaFontaine is the President and CEO of Washington DC’s Humane Society.  She writes about the Maryland Court of Appeals decision to uphold the ruling that pit bulls and pit crosses are “inherently dangerous”, and the hope on the part of those who work in the animal field that this is overturned ASAP.

Photo of the Week:

I would love to know if the officer shown in the photo is asking for ids or about to issue tickets. The report from the field stated the bovine showed a preference for Bud Light over Miller Light.

Video of the Week:
Turn up your speaker and prepare to melt!


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